This rendering by Ruth Thomforde Seegers depicts The Stone Barn in 1968 before the addition of the Hunt Room. The photo in the upper left shows a clay horse sculpted in 1903 by Francis Pyle, an early owner of The Stone Barn farm, found during the renovation of the barn and now diplayed in the main entrance.

The Stone Barn has been owned and operated by the Thomforde family for four generations. In 1922, Charles Thomforde established a working farm, planted an apple orchard, and kept honey bees.

In 1958, his son Harold Thomforde began a catering service specializing in chicken barbeques. The business grew, and in 1962, Harold and his wife Elinor began the conversion of the old barn structure (c. 1800s) into a restaurant. Renovations were made using reclaimed antique brick, weathered cypress boards, and native fieldstone from old building ruins in the nearby countryside.

The Mill was constructed in 1978 in a style to complement the Main barn. It features a water wheel built with parts recovered from an old mill on the Schuylkill River.

Today, the Thomfordes continue The Stone Barnís 43-year tradition of hospitality and service.


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